The Healing

The Healing
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    SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG
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    Игры / Приключения
  • Требования:
    Android 4.4+
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Out of the blue, you’re added to a group chat by Dr. Crow, an ominous person in the guise of a plague doctor.

For some inexplicable reason, it's impossible for you to leave this chat. You soon realize you're not alone...

There are 7 other clueless people in the group!

You're faced with the all-important question... What is Dr. Crow up to? And why has he chosen YOU of all people?


You’re added to a mysterious group chat with 7 others you don't know. While you're figuring out what the group is all about, Dr. Crow – an ominous stranger with a plague doctor mask – suddenly appears!

Initially you take the situation casually, but suddenly a real psycho terror begins! Creepy dolls and symbols randomly appear at your house. You receive shocking video calls and mysterious clues.

Suddenly it becomes clear that the plague doctor is up to no good! Surely there has to be a reason why the eight of you were chosen.

Then a mystery hacker contacts you out of the blue and informs you that his friend has been kidnapped by the plague doctor. Now the situation is alarmingly serious! A nerve-racking game of life and death begins!

What dark secret connects the group members?
Who is behind the plague doctor mask?
And which member of the group isn't who they pretend to be?

Now it's up to you! Unravel secrets, follow leads and solve clues. That's the only way to stop the evil!


"The Healing" is a nerve-racking roller coaster ride full of mysterious clues, interactive riddles and creepy effects.

You'll receive and send chat messages that directly influence the course of this interactive horror game.

The gripping story is accompanied by images, voice messages, video calls, mini-games, videos, websites and newspaper articles, all of which were created especially for the game.


This and all upcoming episodes of the horror chat thriller can be played entirely for free! Optional in-app purchases can speed up the progress of the story and the game.
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