Girl Power 3D

Girl Power 3D
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Are you a real hero? Are you the strongest, the biggest, the meanest, the one who can surpass every obstacle and flatten all the competition? This is your chance to prove it!

The path is long, many enemies stand in your path. But all obstacles only serve to make you stronger! Charge straight into your enemies, punch them in their dumb faces and watch your boxing glove with new power. Keep going, keep punching, keep winning, until you reach the Boss, the King, at the end of the level… he's the strongest of them all, to be able to beat him you'll need to have beaten all who came before him. You'll only get one shot, can you knock the crown from his head?

• Easy action packed gameplay, run forward and K.O. anyone in the way!
• High variety of enemies and Traps.
• Customization options will be available for your unique woman fighter!
• Collect power ups on your journey, become superwoman!
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