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Angry Anaconda

Angry Anaconda
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    Игры / Казуальные
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    Android 5.0+
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Play as deadly wild angry anaconda snake and start a revenge adventure in the big city. Anaconda snake city attack or Anaconda snake simulator 2019 game all about is anaconda revenge base game in fantasy 3d big city. Are you ready to slay your victim, look for your preys, slither around and kill them in real world simulation adventure in anaconda games? We all know anaconda snake attack 2019 is full of venom, predator fun and brutal for any human or wild animal. You have to utilize your stealth and cleverness to carefully to strike on humans. Play as angry giant anaconda snakes simulator and become a venomous predator with super powers to destroy humans and their existence for survival. It has all kinds of wild animals to target hunt the Powerful king lion, the delicious seer, and the mighty Wolf. Big angry anaconda snake Sim 2019 is looking for his next meal. Start attack, hunting, and destroy you’re out for blood in snake attack 2019 games.

In this anaconda snake attack game you have multiple angry and wild anaconda kinds to choose with more deadly attacks and power ups. Play with your favorite dragon snake or a long sized heavy weight angry anaconda to create massive rampage and havoc in big 3D city. In snake attack simulation game your wild anaconda angry attack takes you on pitiless giant anaconda life’s journey. Fight with rat, frog, crocodile, bull, squirrel, spider, tiger, horses, lion and eat rabbit.

3D Angry Anaconda snakes attack simulator 2019:
• Exciting 3D environments to Explore
• Easy game Control with sound effects
• Realistic multiple 3D Anaconda Snake
• Various life like anaconda breeds, family
• Simple and smooth controls to help chase your prey

Become giant anaconda snake and enjoy the thrill of hunting critters, animals, humans to make them your meal.
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