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Zea: Diary & Gratitude Journal

Zea: Diary & Gratitude Journal
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Zea is your personal journaling buddy. Express your feelings and gratitude to improve your mood and practice mindfulness. With the help of AI, you write down how you feel in your smart journal/diary. Zea even tracks your mood over time to display your personal growth.


Writing down how you feel truly improves your mood. The advanced AI helps with dealing with negative thoughts and increasing the positive ones.

In the long term, you'll experience stress relief, reduced anxiety & depression in your life. It's time to make self-care your number one priority! Zea also supports positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (cbt) to help you prosper. Zea gives you reminders to build better habits!


Journaling is a well-researched method to improve your gratitude, mood, productivity, self-love, mental health, and mindfulness. Psychologists, therapists, and industry experts reaffirm this. Zea makes it possible to do all this in just a few minutes per day!

Zea features:

Become Inspired
Thousands of quotes are available, making it easy to become inspired.

Expressing Gratitude
Zea helps with expressing gratefulness. He'll guide you step by step to find out what (and how things) made you feel grateful. You can use that information as an umbrella to shield yourself from those dark clouds.

Morning Motivation
A little boost in the morning is always nice to have. Start your day with Zea and receive a motivational quote and an exciting challenge.

Personal insights
Zea will help you with tracking your mood and uncovering particular patterns. Gain deeper insights about yourself than ever before!

Add Pictures
It's always enjoyable to share some awesome pictures. Zea will help you find one to add to your journal/diary!

Daily question
Zea helps you with figuring out who you truly are. He'll ask daily questions to figure out what you love!

Expressive drawing
Sometimes it's hard to express yourself through words. However, that doesn't mean there isn't another option! Express yourself through your creative side. Draw how you feel!

How does the journal app work?
- Zea will ask you some questions. Afterward, you can write down how you feel.
- With that information, Zea will provide you with the self-care content you need!
- While enjoying the content, everything is tracked and is nicely displayed for you to see.
- In that way, you can find stress points in your life and resolve them. Together with Zea!

• Website - https://zeaapps.com/
• E-mail - [email protected]/

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
• Terms of service: http://zeaapps.com/terms.html
• Privacy policy: http://zeaapps.com/privacy.html
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