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Neptune Planner
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The Planner app is for the leisure boat owner, its emphasis is for tidal navigation around the UK and the adjacent Continental coastline, but it does much more!

Suitable for either power or sail, calculating the "Course to Steer" taking into account tides is a quick and simple operation. It also lets you calculate the best time to depart by using the Optimised Departure calculations.

Neptune Planner includes all the Astronomical calculations for the tides and so while your subscription is active you can passage plan for years into the future!

Route animations allow you to predict wind over tide situations and "cross track errors", you can virtually sail your passage before departing.

Prepare a passage plan within minutes containing the route and leg details, proposed "Course to Steer", departure and arrival times, any screen images that you wish to include and also the crew details. Neptune can generate the email for you, all you have to do is fill in the recipient and send it.

For the navigator who wishes to cross check the apps calculations the course construction vectors are displayed and positioning the cursor over a tidal stream arrow can show you the the full details in a similar manner to a charted tidal diamond.

You can imported wind forecast as a GRIB and for sailors, use the optional Polar Plot routines to determine your boat speed from the predicted wind, this way you are passage planning accounting for wind and tides. Using a wind forecast allows you to visualise wind over tide situations and avoid them so keeping all on board as comfortable as possible.

Obtaining GRIBs is a simple matter of selecting the area and the app will automatically compose an email to Saildocs, all you need do is select the area and send the email, a few moments later download the attachment and bring it into the app.

Routes, waypoint and marks management are all included and you can email your files in GPX format either as a back-up or to import into other systems.

Using the device's GPS it acts as a back-up track plotter.

Charts are available by annual subscription and we have provided these in three styles, charts are downloaded from a central server and retained on the phone or tablet for off-line use at sea.

Neptune charts are derived from UKHO chart data and have the familarity of paper charts.

Neptune Outline charts for simple tidal planning around the UK have proved very popular in our PC software and provide a clear unclutterd view.

Imray charts cover the UK, the Atlantic Continental Coastline, Mediteranean and the Caribbean. Although there may not be any tidal streams or tidal heights in the app for the Caribbean and Mediterranean areas it none the less is a powerful tool for visualisation and planning.

This app includes tidal height and time predictions for the UK and can also act as a Dynamic Tidal Stream atlas for UK and the adjacent Continental waters.

You can edit routes and waypoints and share them or import them via email as GPX files.
The polar plot allows the sailor to estimate boat speed for the predicted wind conditions.
Waypoints and Marks can be easily edited.

Data used within the app are derived from UKHO sources and are used under licence and annual royalties are paid to the UKHO. The royalties are included in the annual subscription rates as an in-app purchase.

These rates are:
Neptune Outline Portfolios £25.30 each.
Neptune Classic Chart Portfolios £29.50 each.
Imray Portfolios £43.25 each.
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