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Driveroo Fleet
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Driveroo Fleet Solution revolutionizes fleet mobility by digitizing all aspects of fleet management to help your fleet scale, grow, and optimize operations.

Driveroo fleet technology is grounded in inspection. Forget pen and paper: all inspections are fully mobile and digital, which means less logistics, online records, and inspection times up 10x faster. Daily fleet inspections (eDVIR’s) are taken on driver phones or mobile devices: drivers simply tap on vehicle diagrams to inspect and add comments. Our intuitive Turbographics™ technology requires little training time and reduces error. With new features such as voice-to-text and unlimited pictures, inspections are as detailed as possible, identifying issues and reducing the chances of error. Inspections are powered by AI technology to proactively assess common repairs. Driveroo makes fleet inspections easy and painless.

All fleet operations are controlled through the web dashboard, 24/7. Access inspection reports, maintenance schedules, and business metrics all from the click of a button. Real-time updates show driver/vehicle locations, and if a repair is needed, instantly order services in-house or through the Driveroo repair network. The Driveroo approval functionality allows itemized repair approvals, meaning only necessary repairs are completed, decreasing downtime and increasing potential. By digitizing fleet management, Driveroo decreases fleet downtime and increases efficiency.

Driveroo fleet solutions makes sure your fleet meets 100% of DOT compliance. Easily monitor your fleet to avoid fines and unnecessary costs
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