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My Health Records

My Health Records
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"My Health Records" is a modern application that organizes and stores your health information. This application allows you to easily save medical records, medical history, and information about your health status and then view all your records in one location.

"My Health Records" allows you to store all your medical history data locally on your device or in your cloud storage account. Store your history of doctor's visits, their recommendations, referrals to laboratory tests, test results, and other medical information, as well as diagnoses of your illnesses, dates of operations performed, titles of prescribed medications and other important medical info. With this app, you can store the medical records of multiple users at the same time and view all of their medical records at once.

Also, As a Physicians, you can manage all your patient records such as personal information, medical reports, medication, visit history, clinical notes, patient history, and other notes Using "My Health Records" app.

By using the "My Health Records" App, a user can access their medical records at any time. Your medical records are instantly accessible and your information is private and secure. In addition, all of your medical records are stored in one place for easy access. The application includes many features that allow patients to keep a record of many common medical concepts, including medication lists, doctor's visits, illnesses, health insurance, medical tests, surgeries, vaccines, and many more. Other information such as details about the time of taking medication, history of medication taken can be stored in the app. It could be considered as an app for medical administration, family health care, medical records tracker, as normal people are able to use it for storing their private medical information and family health history.

• Depending on your needs, you can either store your medical data in the device's memory or on a secure cloud storage where data sync is enabled.
• Supports multiple screens; phones, small and large size tablets
• Works on Chromebook system
• Backup & Restore your data
• Attach medical documents or capture it using camera
• Medical history reports
• Multiple Search Techniques:
• Pick up medical document from local storage (Gallery, …) or Cloud Storage
• Physicians can use the app in their office or clinics for private practice management as a Doctor Patient Medical Record, Healthcare management application, Clinic information system, Clinic management system, Patient Medical Records to track Patient history, Electronic medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR)
• It can be considered to be a medical management, family healthcare, medical records tracking application since you can store your private medical information and your family's health history on the app. Therefore, it makes it easy for your doctor to track your medical history.

And Finally, "My Health Records" is dynamically developing in order to improve the service, get active feedback from users, and implement interesting solutions into the real world.
Feel free to e-mail us with your feedback, advice, and constructive criticism
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