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Tilig is the password manager app that everyone can use - it’s simple, it’s safe, it works on all your devices, and it’s free. Tilig creates strong passwords, remembers them for you and even autofills them in websites and apps so that you don’t have to. Download the app and make today the day that you take control of your safety online.


→ Create strong passwords: One of the most common ways that hackers gain access to accounts is by guessing passwords. Tilig helps you create unguessable passwords by generating them for you. The stronger your password, the more protected your online accounts will be.

→ Remember passwords for you: Strong or complex passwords are safe but can be difficult to remember. That’s why Tilig remembers them all for you, storing them safely in a secure digital vault.

→ Autofill your details: Repeatedly typing out email addresses, usernames and passwords every time you signup or login somewhere can get frustrating. Tilig saves you time and effort by conveniently filling out these details for you. One tap and you’re done.

→ Prevent password re-use: Tilig allows you to easily create unique passwords for every website or app. This means that even if one of your online accounts is compromised and your password becomes public, all of your other accounts are perfectly secure.


Conveniently migrate from whatever system you use for passwords today, whether that’s your browser, another app or even a paper notebook - we’ll help you get up and running quickly.


Tilig is available on all your devices: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and in your browser via a browser extension. This means that no matter where you are online, Tilig will always be available. Your passwords will be securely synced across all your devices.


Tilig is designed and engineered to keep you safe and has been audited by the industries top professionals to ensure privacy, security and reliability. Tilig is sponsored by security advocates and supported by donations with funding committed for at least the next ten years.

We use the industry’s top encryption models to lock your vault so that you and only you have access to your passwords.
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