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Frigo Magic: French cooking

Frigo Magic: French cooking
Like our 2 million satisfied users, compose your meals in a click with what you already have in your fridge and pantry!

⌾ What are we eating tonight?

Magic Fridge, the app that makes French meals! Cook tailor-made recipes with products already available in your kitchen! No need to go shopping!

Our extra tip: You are in control of the food you use to cook your recipe! Thanks to variation, change the ingredients of your recipe in a second. It's a kind of magic!

You'll love Magic Fridge if you:

- Are a parent, a student, on your own, or have trouble making ends meet, ...
- Want to find easy recipes you can cook in less than 30 minutes (there are 2 300 recipes, and 21 million combinations)
- Wish to limit food waste, and stop throwing away leftovers or ingredients you have in your fridge

You ask a simple question "what are we cooking tonight", the answer is quite simple too: Magic Fridge! No more hassle! Get personalized recipes with what you have in your fridge! The ultimate goal: no more waste with Magic Fridge!

⌾ Magic Fridge modulates tailor-made meals

We offer easy, quick recipe ideas with interchangeable ingredients! Save money, cook your leftovers and stop throwing away!

You don't need the internet to use Magic Fridge, but don't forget to activate notification to be alerted of every new product!

A 100% well-filled kitchen, it's 100% of the recipes you will love!

And even better, this app stays free!

⌾ Get started on Magic Fridge

1. Tell us your name so we can get to know each other!

2. Magic Fridge is the Spotify of recipes: tell us a little more about you (for how many people you cook, your kitchen equipment and your diet) and the app offers personalized recipes!

3. Complete your fridge! Enter the ingredients you usually have in your kitchen.

4. Only then will our magic work and offer 100% personalized recipes with 21 million possible combinations. See, you'll have plenty to do!

5. Save your favorite recipes or indulge yourself with seasonal recipes!

6. Follow a recipe easily with tick steps and voice dictation

7. And finally, share your best photo!

Be a chef in your kitchen thanks to Magic Fridge!

⌾ Assistance

If you meet any technical problem with FrigoMagic mobile or tablet app, you can send us an email right here: [email protected]
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