Chk-In Fall Alert

Chk-In Fall Alert
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Chk-In Fall Detection and Alert for Android Smart Phones.

Concerned about falling or have a medical or health condition that keeps you from having your own independence? The high cost of monthly monitoring subscription service prevents you from getting a Medical Alert system? In an event of an emergency, how quickly can help get to you may make a difference in how quickly you will be able to recover after the incident.

Chk-In Fall Alert system is designed to work as a DIY alert system to maximize your mobile phone ownership without the monthly subscription fee (when used with one emergency contact). Since you are already carrying the phone with you wherever you go, why not save money by using your Android Smart Phone as a Fall Alert system.
Once an impact is detected, Chk-In Fall Alerts your emergency contacts via PUSH message and email with GPS location information.

Even if you are experiencing discomfort and need to summon help to you immediately, with a push of “HELP ME” button, Chk-In Fall Alert will send out a Panic alert to your emergency contact to let them know that you require assistance.

1. Works as a Base station Emergency Transmitter when paired with WearOS device or Samsung Gear S3 and above*. (WearOS or Samsung watch sold separately).
2. Also, works as a stand-alone Fall Detector when there are no other devices to pair.

* Please note that WearOS and Samsung watch apps require phone app running in order to function.

Help Me Alert
Use case: Sudden discomfort or feeling dizzy. By pressing and holding this button for one second, an alert is sent to your emergency contact notifying them of your emergency along with your GPS location.

When used with a Chk-In ConeC cam, a snapshot of what the camera sees will also be sent to your emergency contact enabling them to quickly see and assess the situation to determine the severity of the situation prior to calling the police or ambulance.

GPS Location
Use case: Captures and notify your emergency contact on your location when a Panic Alert or Fall Alert is triggered. Notifying responders of your locations for rapid response.
Pairing Separation Notification (when used with a Chk-In Smart Device)
Use case: Loss of Memory or A potential to wander off on their own. When pair with a Chk-In Smart Wearable device, a Lost Connection alert is sent to the emergency contact to let them know that you and your device have lost connection with the base station (Smart Phone).

Medicine Reminder
Use case: Reminds you to take your medication.

Emergency Contact(s)
Use case: The Emergency contact(s) is someone whom you count on as your Care-taker. When one of the three possible alerts is detected or issued, this individual will be notified. The type of alerts that your Emergency contact may receive from you in an event of an emergency is:
1. When Chk-In Fall Alert detects a possible fall
2. When you manually trigger a Panic alert
3. When your Chk-In SmartWatch have lost connection to your Phone (base station)

1. Chk-In Fall Alert for the PERSONAL PLAN is FREE forever. In the Personal Plan, you can designate one person to be your emergency contact and all of your alerts will be shared and send to your designated caretaker.
2. Add unlimited emergency contacts using the premium version subscription for as low as $4.99/month.
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