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Slitherlink (Loop the Loop)

Slitherlink (Loop the Loop)
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Slitherlink also known as Loop the Loop is a logical puzzle played on a rectangular board of dots. Some of the squares formed by the dots have numbers inside them.

To solve the puzzle, connect horizontally and vertically adjacent dots so that the lines form a single loop with no crossings or loose ends. In addition, the number inside a square represents how many of its four sides are segments in the loop. In your final loop each cell must be enclosed with specified number.

The game is a brilliant exercise for your brain. There are several tips and tricks for solving the game and so does the game comes in different grid sizes and variants.

- Puzzles in square grid sizes 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11 and 12x12
- Easy to add line and remove line feature
- Offline puzzles
- Additional to unlimited gaming, there are 100 levels of increasing
complexity in square grid.
- Undo functionality. Undo all the changes in case of an error
- Redo functionality. Redo the undone changes if needed
- Erase All functionality. Erase all lines to start again
- Notes. Start making dashed lines instead of complete ones to indicate a
trial mode.
- Hint: Get a hint to move on!
- Stuck on a game ? Make use of unlimited hints
- Zoom in feature
- Easy to understand, step by step tutorial
- Unique SFX, option to turn off music and sfx sound
- Compete with your best
- Get your slitherlink played game count increasing !
- Cool animations
- Timing counter
- Pause a game functionality
- Spin the wheel to earn daily hints
- Play 20 levels in Seasons' Pass imbued in four beautiful graphics
- Play Event Pass (currently Mother's Day)
- Win badges (Spirit, Bloom, Ace, Anchor, Victor and Wise) by winning points playing each game - 10 points from small grid to 80 points from expert grid
- Change the color theme of entire app in seven beautiful colors

Loved by kids and adults, Slitherlink game is stylised to bring interest in people of all age groups. Encoded in beautiful color scheme and ease to play sparks interest in the first time player while increasing complexity levels keep an avid gamer hooked.

Bored at a party or want to take a break from work - the game eases tension and draws interest; with a good sense of achievement attained with every game. Tune in every day to keep your brain sharp. Download now !
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