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Hidden Devices Detector

Hidden Devices Detector
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The hidden devices detector and hidden bugs finder app is the most versatile app for finding hidden devices. A hidden bug app was developed to help you detect and scan for all hidden objects.

hidden devices detector app works using a mobile phone magnetic sensor. For better performance and for best scanning hidden devices, try to find a magnetic sensor on your phone.

Find hidden devices with few easy steps, just open the hidden devices detector app and start scanning for hidden devices around you. The smart scanning and wonderful features of hidden devices detector will make your day easy and it will protect you from being recorded.

Hidden objects can be hidden inside any device at any place like lights, buttons, smoke detectors, mirrors, and lamps. Open hidden device detector app and move it any suspicious place, if there is any hidden devices found the hidden object finder app will give you detail about hidden devices by creating some sounds and vibration.

Hidden Devices Detector App Works:
This app works using your phone magnetometer (compass). When you want to detect hidden objects open the app and move your phone near any suspicious places which you want to detect for hidden devices. Look at your mobile screen you will see the changing value of meter when the hidden device detector app detects any hidden devices it will start beeping.

The hidden device detector app works using your phone magnetic sensor, if your mobile doesn’t have a magnetic sensor it will not scan anything.
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