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Baby Chef-Cooking Game

Baby Chef-Cooking Game
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The baby's own restaurant is open! Make different delicious desserts by cooking a variety of dishes. If you've ever wanted to become a master chef and run your own restaurant, then download Baby Chef-Happy Cooking now and start making unimaginable delicacies right away!

Features of Baby Chef:
1. Interesting mini-games: A variety of mini-games! Practice your kitchen skills while cooking! Stack hamburgers, pick up fruits, hammer steaks, chop vegetables, exercise your baby's reflexes, and try to challenge high scores!
2. Thinking training: Simulating the kitchen scene, using building graphics, identifying positions and other interactions to exercise players' logical thinking.
3. Occupational cognition: Introduce the tasks of the occupation, all skills need to be mastered, and deepen the understanding of the occupation.
4. Common sense of life: Through the player's own hands-on, master the skills and knowledge of dessert making, and have a deeper understanding of food.
5. Feel the fun: The game uses a lot of animation to show the gorgeousness and deliciousness of desserts. While learning knowledge, it can also give players the most fun in the game.

Why Choose Baby Chef:
[Personal DIY] You can customize restaurant and dishes according to your needs. Customize your preferences freely.
[Handmade Burger] Fried beef patties, layered with lettuce, bread and onions. Let's make a huge and delicious burger.
[Delicious Cakes] Experience the process of making cakes and decorate all kinds of exquisite cakes.
[Mango Parfait] Boil the mango, squeeze the cream, and accurately restore the production process.
[Red Bean Shaved Ice] Familiar with the use of the shaved ice machine and enjoy the deliciousness of shaved ice in summer.
[Best Serving] Provide the best service and delicious food to your customers. They will give you a high evaluation.
Do you have the confidence to be a qualified chef and make a variety of delicious desserts? Baby Chef is waiting for you to experience.
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