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This App gives both students and teachers the ‘real-classroom’ feel, without the
physical infrastructure of schools, through a virtual platform.
This app helps organise classes with ease, keeping track of students’ attendance, their
assignments and their marks, on a daily basis.
Planning school schedules could not possibly get easier than this!
This interconnected application brings schools online, empowering both students and teachers
to progress academically from the comfort of their homes.
The app comes with customizable features to give each user a personalized experience,
enabling students to take home their institutions.
It helps learners stay connected with educators, alongside keeping their parents in sync during
the entire e-learning process.
What makes this app unique?
Unlike any other e-learning app, this provides-
· live video streaming sessions for seamless student-teacher interaction with real time audio and
· digital white boards, for teachers and students to follow the conventional methods of
· chat box for students to type their queries out.
· touch to talk button for students to be heard by their entire class.
· a hand raise button that allows any student to enjoy screen space with the teacher and interact
with the entire classroom.
· a digital library with lecture notes, PDF books, previous years’ papers and other study material.
· online tests and quizzes, designed by teachers to help students perform better in important
· analytics for greater understanding of performance and a guide on how students can improve
· a format where teachers can create assignments as they desire.
· chat forums for students to discuss doubts and get them solved quickly
· first ever online Parent-Teacher meeting platform.
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