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DEP Live Chat

DEP Live Chat
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    Dealer E Process
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    Приложения / Связь
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    Android 4.2+
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DEP Live Chat is an instant and hassle-free way for businesses to connect with online shoppers without any fuss or lengthy wait-times. DEP Live Chat legitimately stacks up against real-life customer service with which customers can be greeted and assisted just like in a brick-and-mortar store. Responses through email or phone call are mostly laggard and entail lengthy waits, but with DEP Live Chat application, you can be available 24/7 to assist customers with their queries from your Android cellphone. The fact of the matter is that online customers run into dead-end all the time while scouring web for a decent purchase and you can’t sit in front of your laptop or desktop all the time to assist online customers. The number of buyers can easily plummet if there is a lack of assistance on company’s website. However, DEP Live Chat app allows customers’ a quick-access to you for instant solutions with just a few keystrokes from your android mobile phone.
Some of its benefits are elaborated below:

1. Chat Prompts
Whenever a browser lands on your website, a notification would automatically inform you of it. There is no absolutely no need to check on the status of your browsing customers time and again as you will be prompted for each visitor. Therefore, a simple alert leads to establishing hassle-free one-on-one interaction. Just click on the notification and take it from there.

2. Ease of Use
All this Live Chat app requires is an Android device and an internet connection, and then you’re all good to go out there and interact with your customers. Just pick up your gizmo and pro-actively strike up a conversation with browsing customers.

3. Instant Chat Response and Fast Query Resolution
With the integration of DEP Live Chat app, assistance for customers starts from the very moment they land on a company’s webpage and continues until they finally leave it. The conversation is quite akin to instant messaging where a chat window automatically opens up with a live rep offering help and wiping away any qualms that a user might have about the purchase. When email and telephone entail lengthy delays, support through DEP Live Chat ratchets up response time, thus adding even more to customer gratification.

4. A 24/7 Touch-point
Unlike any other channel of communication, live chat service is available and accessible 24/7. Research shows that 52 % of the customers would take their business elsewhere if there exists a lack of efficient customer service. With DEP Live Chat, there are no disruptions, no delays and customers can easily sidestep problems that come with lack of availability, a characteristic that adds to its reliability as well.

5. Capable of Catering to Multiple Industries
DEP Live Chat app can be used to serve customers over a wide range of businesses. Currently, the roster of industries that mostly use live chat service includes automotive, real estate, law, medical websites, travel, hospitality, IT and much more.

6. Multilingual Services
The services of this app aren’t just confined to English. Its flexible, thus providing support in multiple languages is just a cinch with it. Simply install a language specific virtual keypad on your device and chat in the language of your choice.

7. A Rundown of Positive Implications
Instant responsiveness, query resolution and pro-activity is all that is needed to please your customer base.
Taking into account all these factors, DEP Live Chat;
• Adds to greater customer retention
• Reduces churn rate and shopping cart abandonment's
• Creates loyal customer base
• Increases customer satisfaction


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Sign up at: http://dashboard.dealereprocesschat.com/
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