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Slovenian flashcards

Slovenian flashcards
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How to study effectively?
Want to master Slovenian vocabulary?

Slovenian flashcards are images/text/sound on cards, used to help remember new vocabulary in Slovenian. Instead of simply reading the definition in a dictionary, the brain is also challenged via our several learning modes: Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize, Quiz, Spelling , Re-arrange to make the learning Slovenian language more exciting and fun.

Slovenian flashcards app includes 4000 premade Slovenian flashcards which cover the most used Slovenian words from 9 categories:
•Food and Meals

Keys features:
• Track study progress using Leitner system.
• Daily test to master your vocabulary
• Enhance study using quiz, listening, matching games
• Review schedule to help you review flashcards before they are expired.
• Customize flashcards by selecting font, background and languages.
• Text to speech to study flashcards without looking at screens.
• Download unlimited flashcards to your devices for offline study
• Customize text color and background color/images of cards
• Create your own flashcards to study your own materials.
• Flashcards can be created on our website www.iaceatest.com
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