Where´s my refund

Where´s my refund
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Where´s my refund? What Is the Best Way to Check the Status of My Tax Return?

Check to see whether the IRS has received your tax return and how far along your refund is. Find out why your tax refund could be less than you anticipated.

Check the Status of Your Federal Tax Refund

You may follow the status of your refund if you have filed your federal income taxes and expect to receive one.

Make sure you have your Social Security number, filing status, and the precise amount of your return on hand.

With this app you will learn the following:

✅ How to Check The Status of My Tax Return
✅ Check Your Federal Tax Refund Status
✅ Find Out if Your Tax Return Was Submitted
✅ Is your tax refund less than you anticipated?
✅ Federal Tax Refund Checks That Have Not Been Delivered or Are Unclaimed

Source of information: https://www.usa.gov/check-tax-status


ATTENTION!!! This app is not affiliated, endorsed, authorized, or licensed by any government entity.
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