Starry Map

Starry Map
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Start the app and point your device in the direction of the night sky, and the name of the star will be shown.

Let's observe Asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1.
Let's observe the International Space Station and the Chinese Space Station.
Please enjoy astronomical observation on a winter night.

- Features
88 constellations
All solar system planets
Hipparcos Catalogue nearly 120,000 stars
Over 100 Messier objects
Over 3000 Satellites
Over 300 Comets
Dwarf planets and Asteroids
Johannes Hevelius constellation images
Meteor Shower
Asterisms (Winter, Spring, Summer Triangle, Big Dipper, and Milk Dipper)
Satellite notifications

- Notify you when the International Space Station or Hubble Space Telescope is approaching.

- You can see the starry sky even when you are not connected to the internet. You can see it even during the day.

- If you specify a location on the map, the starry sky that can be seen from the specified location will be displayed.

- Swipe the screen to see the starry sky from any direction.
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