Car Lease Tracker

Car Lease Tracker
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Ever leased a car? Ever been nervous about going over on mileage? Ever actually paid mileage overage fees?
Those days are gone! With this lightweight application, you can enter some basic information about your vehicle, calculate current allowed mileage, and determine if you are over on your mileage at a particular point in time.
This is a lightweight application that fully runs on your device without sending/sharing of information. The DB and all car information is stored directly on your device.

When you first log in, there is a request for access to your phone. This is solely for the purpose of being able to download a CSV report of all vehicles that you've added to the phone. To view the report, you need to navigate to your "file viewer" application and select the "show internal storage" setting. You can use any app like Google Sheets or Excel to read the report.
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