Holy - Daily Bible Verses

Holy - Daily Bible Verses
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Feel closer and connected with God with the help of the Holy app! With the help of daily Bible verses, you can feel positive, motivated, and inspired to be your best self. Enjoy thousands of beautiful Bible verses with categories for every moment of your life. Believe that you're the son of God and have the motivation and inspiration to act and achieve your dreams. Receive a daily verse filled with love, gratitude, abundance, salvation, self-care, self-love, and happiness.

With Holy, you can find inspiration and motivation every day with the help of beautiful bible verses and passages pulled up directly from the Bible in various versions. The idea is to read the verses repeatedly every day and focus on their meaning, feel the emotions, and become more spiritual and drawn to God in every step. With our widget, you can see the positivism every day when you open your phone.

Hear and read the word of God every day in your notifications and widget, follow His steps, and become closer to God in a deep sense. We must listen to God and His words. This way, not only can He help guide our lives but also teach us about Himself through the scriptures. Holy contains bible verses, affirmations to be positive, and motivational quotes to be inspired.

Now is time to feel closer with God with the help of:

· Thousands of bible verses, quotes, and affirmations for every moment, with more added constantly.
· Curated categories with bible verses, quotes, and affirmations to help you feel happier. Including love & relationships, abundance, prosperity, gratitude, confidence, Jesus Christ, Son of God, life, salvation, prayer, and many more.
· Widgets! Beautiful widgets to see your favorite bible verses, quotes, and affirmations right on your device's home screen. You can configure different themes and colors.
· Add your passages, verses, affirmations, and quotes created by you and only for you.
· Practice reading and focusing on the daily word with a fun mini-game to help you feel motivated.
· More than 200 beautiful themes to choose from. Including complete
control to edit them and create your own with your pictures, use our pre-
made backgrounds, or search for a GIF or sticker.
· Be able to favorite, search, and see past bible verses, motivation quotes, and affirmations.
· Dark Mode is supported with beautiful responsive design and accessibility in mind.

It is written in His word that we are saved when we put our hope in Him. Even if you are already a believer, rereading the words reminds us that He gave His only son for us to live in Him. It is so easy to achieve this using Holy, receiving bible verses and passages, Christian affirmations, and quotes for motivation. The app offers free categories and premium ones if you need a specific one for your daily life.

The Bible and its verses bring us peace and joy. We can rejoice in our salvation and in the fact that we have a God Who loves us unconditionally – more than we can fathom. The benefits of reading the Bible include this incredible joy that we receive only from Him. Reading daily bible verses gives knowledge and wisdom, brings you peace and joy, gives you hope and trust, reminds you of His Promises, and releases our chains and lifts our burdens.

With Holy, feel the gratitude inside your heart. Use the app for your daily devotional, writing your own verses, quotes, and affirmations. Receive verses about Jesus, angels, salvation, love, The Bible, sins, prayers, and much more. Believe that you are more than the body and that you can be happy, motivated, and inspired every day. It’s hard to stay centered on God & His Word. That’s why the Holy app gives you tools to seek God’s heart daily: Receive verses, quotes, and affirmations to help you reduce stress and anxiety, feel happy and strong, and love yourself. Download now and be closer to your goals and closer to God!

Jesus is our savior and protector. Use this app to listen to His daily words, be a good person, and connect with your self.
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