Cordier Diagram

Cordier Diagram
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Cordier Diagram is the Swiss Army knife for your first shot in turbomachinery design. With this app you can determine the type (axial, diagonal, radial) of your compressor, pump, fan, turbine or mill. Calculate the diameter based on volume flow, specific enthalpy and speed or use the backwards calculation to calculate volume flow or speed at a given geometry.

In 1953 Otto Cordier published his research project for single-stage turbomachines with high efficiency determined by dimensionless numbers. Today it is applied with "delta" (the specific diameter) and "sgma" (the specific speed).

With the additional dimensionless numbers "psi" (the work or head coefficient) and "phi" (the flow coefficient) you are able to complete describe your turbomachine.

Every calculation is based on the optimized relationship between specific speed "sigma" and specific diameter "delta". You will be warned if your boundary conditions leave this path.

Easy input: use the sliders to insert your data or geometry.

Easy backwards calculation: Switch between input and output by selecting the according icon.

Easy output: the sliders show you directly the results. Circular progress bars gives you an overview of the dimensionless numbers in a typical range.
Diagram: plot the Cordier Diagram for your current calculation (beta)
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