Mobile Anti Stalker

Mobile Anti Stalker
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Get to know if any app that is installed on your phone secretly uses service like camera, location or microphone.
Also along with it you get features like anti theft feature, where you put alarm trigger for disconnection from charger or if anybody moves your phone position.

App Main Features :

1. App Monitor
- It monitors that which apps use your device Camera, Microphone & Location Service.

2. Anti Theft
a. Charging Detection
-- Play Siren when anybody disconnect phone from charging.

b. Motion Detection
-- Play Siren when anybody takes away your phone from current position.

3. Whitelist App
- Whitelisting allows you to mute Camera & Microphone notification for specific app.

4. App Monitor
- It helps to monitor all app usage on your device and tells you the time spend on each app.

5. Camera Blocker
- This will disable and block your phone camera and give camera protection against misuse, unauthorized or unethical camera access.

6. Mic Blocker
- This will disable and block your phone microphone and give protection against misuse & unauthorized access.

Uninstall Process

* To Uninstall, You need to disable admin privilege first.
Go to Settings -> Location and Security -> Select Device Administrator and there uncheck "Mobile Anti Stalker" and select deactivate. After that you can uninstall.

Permission :
Accessibility : This permission is needed to monitor Camera, Microphone & Location usage by other apps and display this data to user in the app.

Query All Packages : This permission is used to get list of all apps on user's phone and allow user to select and exclude apps from monitoring usage of camera, microphone & location by apps.

We do not use or collect any user data and all data is handled locally on user phone only.
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