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Fire Will: The Ninja

Fire Will: The Ninja
  • Разработчик:
    Echo Games Limited
  • Версия:
  • Категория:
    Игры / Ролевые
  • Требования:
    Android 4.2+
  • Просмотров:
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【Break the Tradition - True 3D】
The game adopts the horizontal version of the operation method, automatic clearance, automatic hang-up, easy to brush monsters, 3 minutes to get started, 5 minutes to put it down! True 3D, palace-level end-game picture quality, presenting you a visual feast!

【Miracles and Adventures-Ninja God Parallel】
The battlefield of gods and demons, thousands of races, towers of ninjas, mysterious and gloomy. On the way to practice, you will overcome all obstacles, clear various dungeons, kill all kinds of bosses, and you will never stop taking the magical costumes!

【100 times the explosion rate, the tail beast artifact both exploded】
Top-level god outfits are dropped in the wild, and super rich hang-up rewards are endless. Refuse to drop the treasure rate too low, the treasure drop rate of a hundred times equipment in the game will make you overwhelm the sky, and the rewards will be overwhelming.

【Racial Alliance - Conquering the Tailed Beast】
Get to know other practitioners, trust each other, walk all the way, and be full of passion on the road to battle. Conquer the fantasy ninja world with your friends, ignite the blood of PK, and dominate the whole server!
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