Rita Personal Data

Rita Personal Data
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Rita: it’s your data, own it.

Your data is spread out across the internet. Companies you've shared data with once, keep it forever. Everyone seems to have access to your data, except you.

Rita changes this. For the first time, users can truly own their data and be in the driving seat.

1. Collect data from multiple companies

Our privacy-safe way of data collection allows you to execute your right to portability seamlessly. In our current version, you can collect your data from Twitter and Google.

2. View your data in a dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard shows your digital footprint and helps you understand how companies use your data. You can view: how you tracked around the web, an estimation of your data value, which other companies have access to your data and how you are being profiled for ad targeting.

3. Restrict access to the companies you don't trust

Companies you've stopped interacting with or don't know shouldn't have your data. Using Rita you can manage who can and can't have access to your data in a few clicks.

Our promise:

We don't want to collect your data. None of your personal data will ever leave your device. We don't share any of your data with third parties.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback!

For questions please contact:

[email protected]
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